Thursday, October 14, 2010

Garage sale finds {round 6}

Well this may be the last garage sale finds post of the season. Although if I happen across any estate sales or auctions this winter, I may find a few things to share with you all.

I got these 2 lamps for $8. NOT $8 each, but 2 for $8. Shades came with them, but for some reason I only took a picture of the bases. I'll probably put these in the living room or in our bedroom.This silver pitcher was $5. I won't use this as an actual pitcher but maybe to hold flowers or as a bookend. I just love the look of tarnished metals like silver and copper. Don't ask me why. Each of these books were 25 cents. I got all 4 for $1. Seriously. And they all have been on my "to read" radar at one time or another. I'm so excited to have some time in about 10 years to read them! Another popsicle mold. You can never have too many, especially for 50 cents. This is the same mold that I have already been using too.A water bath canner. Oh, dear water bath canner, how I have needed you; wanted you. And now I have you. And now I use you. And now I love you.

I found this gem for $3. Plus it had 5 blue Ball jars inside. 5 unusual old blue Ball jars. Collectors' items that I know nothing about but desire all the same.
I hate that garage sale season is over. It's been a fun 6 months. The long winter will give me renewed energy to go out once again in the spring and find more treasures. I also realized that this winter I won't have tag sale finds or gardening or canning to post about. So what will I fill my blog with? Stay tuned for a some great recipes that I'm dying to share and some room makeovers that I'm looking very much forward to after the holidays!


  1. That's awesome you found a canner! When did you get it? And I've heard that Two Cups of Tea is a great book - it's on my books to read someday list too. :) My mom heard the author speak and said that it was so interesting.

  2. I certainly do NOT tire of pics of my babies!! Just a suggest of what to post during those long winter months... Love, Gramma Kathy

  3. The canner is a great deal. wow im jealous!