Friday, August 10, 2012

Rainy Day Fun #2

This one kept the girls entertained for a good 30 minutes and if I could have had trays and trays of baking soda and endless cups of vinegar, they would have been entertained for hours.  Here's how it works.

Gather vinegar, food coloring, droppers, baking soda and some kind of tray or flat bottom baking dish.
 Put a layer of baking soda in the tray/baking dish.  I used about a half cup.  Next pour vinegar into individual cups.
 Use the food coloring to color the vinegar.
 All ready to go!
 Use the droppers to drop the colored vinegar into the baking soda.
 It fizzes and bubbles and then colors the baking soda.

 The masterpiece looks a little like a science project left in the fridge for too long.  But it's nothing to keep, just something to enjoy during the activity.  You could also use this to teach about making new colors from mixing together primary colors.
One could actually make it look pretty.  Try and make some kind of artscape in the baking soda, but my kids had to use every last drop of colored vinegar in all of the cups so by the end it was all about the squirting and the fizzing and the bubbling.

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