Monday, August 27, 2012

Just Some Pictures of the Kids

The Friday evening before the first week of school, Magnolia's school had an open house.  The kids and I were ready to go and were just waiting for Dan to get home from work so we could leave.  I got my camera out and took some pictures of the kids.  The natural light coming through the open front door made for some pretty cute pictures.

I told Boothe to smile and she said she didn't want to.  So this is what I got.
Then I asked her to smile again.  And she said "Ok, but just a little one."  And this is what I got.
I asked her one last time to give me a smile for the camera.  And she gave it her all.  That Boothe is too much sometimes.  Keeps us all laughing!
Then it was Henry's turn.  He kept trying to crawl right out the front door so getting him to be still and look at me for a picture was a challenge.  Most of the ones I got were blurry as he was crawling past.

Lastly, it was the school-girl's turn.  She is looking so big and grown up these days.  4 going on 14!


  1. So cute Jenica!! - Amanda Lechlitner

  2. Three beautiful children. You are blessed!!! Cheryl

  3. They are gorgeous!! Time is flying! You, Brooke, and Tyler should be that age!! I love you guys! Peggy