Friday, August 17, 2012

Kids Chores

Starting when Magnolia turned 4, we have been using a chore chart.  She is responsible for certain things every day.  We are trying to teach our children from a young age that as a family who all lives together we each need to take responsibilities and chip in to make our home run smoothly and harmoniously.  So far so good and the simple tasks that we started at age 4 have become habit.  There is never any complaining about anything on the list.  The "pick up toys" line item doesn't always get accomplished but that's mostly because of becoming distracted or losing track of time.

The chore chart includes things like getting dressed in the morning, putting dishes into the sink after each meal, practice the piano, read pick up toys and get ready for bed.  I also included iPad/computer time so we can remember if she has used her 20 minutes for the day and also so she can "X" off the next day if she loses the privilege.

We made up a chart for each week that has the days of the week across the top and the chores to be accomplished down the left side.  She likes checking things off but stickers would also be great in the boxes.  We printed off a bunch of sheets and a new one goes up on the fridge each Monday.  A few of these chores will be replaced by new ones when she turns 5.  As she gets older she will take on new responsibilities with the goal being her ability to be independent and knowledgable in all household work by the time she leaves our little nest.

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  1. That is great!! You will get best mom of the year award!! She is such a responsible little girl!!