Saturday, August 11, 2012

Quick DIY

I made 2 throw pillows for the living room this week.  I wanted some pillows that would add a dash of color to our mostly neutral room.  Finding affordable (aka cheap) pillows or pillow covers is hard.  One afternoon while shopping at Target I saw these yellow cloth napkins.  They were $15 for a pack of 4.  Bingo!  I loved the pattern and the color and they are a standard sized square so all that was required of me was to sew two of them together and viola...2 throw pillows at $7.50 each!  I already had some old throw pillows that I used as the inserts.


  1. These are great! We made some pillows about a month ago. Using napkins is a great idea:)

  2. Love them! I saw them yesterday and was going to say something and got distracted:)
    Looks very nice.