Monday, July 20, 2009

Stephanie's Wedding

We had a great time at Stephanie's wedding. Magnolia had some last minute doubts about whether the whole flower gig was for her, but in the end, she came through and did a great job laying those petals.

"No pictures, please."

Mom and Magnolia looking lovely

Boothe was so excited about the wedding, she decided to open those eyes for a while

Boothe's skinny little legs!

Magnolia tore up the dance floor at the reception. She started dancing an hour before anyone else and would have stayed until the wee hours if we would have let her! We had to drag her off the floor for the bride and groom's first dance - I think she wanted to cut in!

Floating on air

"Did you guys see those moves?"

Break dancin' in her dress

Kisses for her friend Grace - Grace wans't too into it

Grandpa stealing a dance

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  1. Boothe looks so cute!! Another beautiful Cory girl:)