Saturday, July 11, 2009

Boothe at Home

We have been having an awesome time these last two weeks getting used to Boothe being here at home with us. Overall, she has been a very laid back, easy baby (knock on wood) who likes nothing more than to sleep most of the day away. Magnolia wasn't used to hearing a baby cry in the middle of the night her first night at home, so nobody got too much sleep the first night, but since then Magnolia has been sleeping great! Boothe had her days and nights flipped at first (she was born at Midnight, what do you expect?) but is sleeping in 5 hour stretches now and only up a couple of times each night to feed.

Dad got two weeks of paternity leave, for which we are all extremely grateful. It even gave Dad an opportunity to play around with the camera and try to get some articstic shots of Boothe at home. Of course, Jenica still had to do all of the post-production in order to make them look half-way decent.

Looking an awful lot like a Hamacher in this one

Sleeping soundly

Love the lighting on this one

The four of us - it's amazing how BIG Magnolia seems now compared to little Boothe

Still sleeping

Mom and Magnolia checking out the new addition

Strike a pose

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  1. Yes the first picture looks like a Hamacher!! She keeps changing daily. Saturday night she looked like Jenica did.