Saturday, July 11, 2009

Happy Birthday America!

We had a great Fourth of July holiday. Our neighborhood has a long-standing tradition of doing a small parade through the few blocks around our house. Kids get on their bikes or in their strollers. One of our neighbors has an antique fire engine that they drive and then the local fire department brings a new fire truck out and they roll through the streets, blowing the siren. It's a great time and we are thankful to our neighbors for keeping up this tradition.

Magnolia was extremely excited about the parade. Her and Dad walked in it. Mom and Boothe decided to stick at the house with all of the grandparents so they could wave as the parade passed. Magnolia was a little freaked out by the first fire engine blast, but by the third one, she was calling for more.

Keepin it old school

American as apple pie

Waving the flag(s)

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