Sunday, July 5, 2009

Easy Like Sunday [Afternoon]

Here are a few shots from our first day at home with Boothe. I think most of these shots speak for themselves, but the last two require a little explanation.

This is the chair that Boothe brought Magnolia (along with a baby doll that Mom knitted) when she came home from the hospital. She came bearing gifts - Magnolia is liking this girl already! The chair was actually Jenica's great-Aunt Jeanette's, who just recently passed away. We attended a memorial service for Aunt Jeanette on Friday - the same day that Jenica went into labor. This rocker was Jeanette's when she was a little girl. Magnolia is excited to carry on her tradition.

In this picture, someone mentioned ice cream and Magnolia is wondering where exactly the ice cream is. This, of course, got everyone else asking the same question.

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  1. One Big happy Family! It keeps getting bigger and better:)