Sunday, January 16, 2011

Christmas 2010 {Part 5}

The local members of my mom's side of the family gets together for Christmas at my cousin Jackie's house in Valparaiso.  There were so many babies and soon-to-be babies there this year, including baby lambs.  Although the lambs did stay in the barn for most of the day, this little guy came inside to visit with the kids.  Boothe was a little scared of him for a few minutes and then was ready to pet him.

 Some ladies with some babies, all borrowed, including Magnolia's new baby.  Can you spot the doll?
 Boothe found a lamb that she could play with all day and it never had to be back out to the barn.
So I think that wraps up 2010...and it's only half way through January!  Little behind on blogging!  I'll get my act together and start posting on what we have been up to in 2011.


  1. It was a fun time. Next year we will have more babies there:)

  2. OH YES -- Everyone but Carter liked the lambs!! Can't wait to see how many babies will be around for me to play with next Christmas!! Gramma/Aunt Kath loves her kids!!!

  3. He was SO scared! We'll have to teach him to buck up just a little bit ;) Can't wait for all the babes next year! xoxo Chelsea