Friday, January 7, 2011

Christmas 2010 {Part 3}

Christmas morning!  Santa was good to us this year, but isn't he always?  Magnolia had been asking for a grocery scanner since playing with Avree and Alivia's in early October and Santa came through!  He also dropped off the grocery stand and a little bit of play food as well.  He brings 1 big gift for everyone to share rather than each child their own little something.  Each stocking contains some candy that the girls are under no obligation to share, however.
 After poking around at the Santa gifts for awhile, Magnolia was eager to open the presents under the tree.  Each of them recieved 2 books...

 An outfit...

 And a toy.  A Mr. Potato Head for Boothe.
 And Mega Bloks for Magnolia.
Dan and I really didn't exchange gifts with each other.  We had planned on getting a new couch so that was our Christmas present and I couldn't be more excited!  We found one we liked at New Years Day and it should be arriving within 8 weeks.  Never had I picked out a couch before and although figuring out the design options was pretty easy, the upholstery choices are overwhelming.  We decided on something and then changed our mind, changed our minds again and once more before placing the order.  And even today I'm second guessing our choice! Aaaahhhh!!  It's just such a large piece of furniture and SO expensive.  I'm so scared that I'll regret our decision once it is delivered.  Since I never want to buy another couch and this one comes with a lifetime warrenty, I'm planning on getting my money's worth and taking advantage of the lifetime guarantee!  So I'd better LOVE it!!!


  1. Glad you are still recapping Christmas with me...I have so much still to cover from Dec. Love the store and the books...well, Miss Charlotte has 3 of the 4, I seem to have a book obcession.

  2. Love the pictures, Such sweet little girls, We are so blessed to have you all!!