Friday, January 21, 2011


Yesterday a special 3 year old went to her first dance lesson and did absolutely great.  She loved it and came out wanting to tell me all about it!  For Christmas Mimi and Bop paid for the spring semester of dance lessons at Southold Dance Company.  Their studios are only a few blocks from our house and since they start classes at age 3, this was the first opportunity Magnolia had to try it.  She loved her teacher and was so excited about all the fun things they did. 

So every Thursday afternoon, you'll find us at dance class.  I can't wait until an observation week when the parents can sit in on the lesson and watch.  Boothe may be a little hard to manage during those weeks as yesterday, while we were in the waiting area, she kept going up to the door to the room Magnolia was in and trying to open it saying "Booie dance".  I kept telling her that she sure would once she got to be a little bigger and she would say "Nooooo".  She doesn't want to wait until she is older (the story of her life thus far).

Tiny Dancer all dressed up for class.
 Someone else was pretty excited for her big sister too!

 The whole outfit...slippers, tights, leotard and a nice long sleeve top for the classes on the colder days.


  1. Oh she makes my heart next sing...almost as much as my own little dancer! Ballet has been the most wonderful time for Charlotte and for me too...:) I love Boothe smooching her big sissy!

  2. I love how they love to dance. It won't be long until Boothe will be in her own dance class. Magnolia is our little Ballerina:) They make me smile.

  3. Southold Dance Theatre.... Magnolia, watch out for apprenticeship/company status, it crushes dreams. Just kidding Magna it's fun, espeically if you want to look all gangly and goofy like your friend Sara!