Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Christmas 2010 {Part 1}

I haven't sat down to blog in awhile.  I just decided to take a short break during Christmas and New Years.  I had planned to start 2011 out right and begin blogging again on Monday the 3rd, but it still feels like holiday time to us since our activities don't start again until next week.  So laziness has been running rampant around here.  Except for Dan who has been at the office until the early hours of the morning this whole week.  Tonight he is actually home but kicking me off the computer soon so he can work some more.  This is pretty unusual for him to work THIS much, but we are thankful for the work and income.

So our Christmas celebrations for the last couple years has been divided into 5 parts.  Gifts and lunch with the Hamacher side on Christmas Eve morning, 5pm Christmas Eve church service, Christmas morning at home, gifts and dinner with the Cory side on Christmas evening and a Sunday (sometime in December) with my mom's side of the family.

These pictures are from my parent's house on Christmas Eve morning.
 Magnolia lining up all her candy from her stocking.
 Boothe was into unwrapping gifts this year.

 Hoola Hoops.  I think everyone in the family tried them.  I should have taken pictures of the adults trying them out.  The pictures would have been much more amusing.
 Go Fish game.  Fun for all ages!
 Boothe instructing Bop on how to rewire the entertainment center.
 Hamacher/Ramsey/Cory/Olson family picture 2010.
I'll be back tomorrow with some pictures from phase 2 of our Christmas.


  1. Missed reading your posts. Great Christmas pictures. Looking forward to seeing the rest:)

  2. YEA RAH -- Happy you are back! I missed my pic fix!!

  3. The family picture is really good! BUT we are missing a Ramsey! I am really enjoying your blog! I just realized I could post a comment on here going as anonymous. Guess who I am??? I've been trying to give hints by mentioning Houston in my comments! lol