Sunday, January 9, 2011

Christmas 2010 {Part 4}

So Christmas morning we stayed home in our pajamas all morning and after the girls woke up from their naps we headed over to the Cory side for more presents, dinner and to celebrate the holiday with them.

This picture I forgot to post on the last post, but I love it so I still wanted to share it.  Magnolia is jumping up and down to show how excited she is about her new grocery scanner and stand! ha
 We got dressed up in our Christmas dresses.  Mimi got these for the girls and they were just darling.  I tried to think of as many places around the holiday that they could wear them.
 I had to actually sit them up on the kitchen counter to get a picture of the 2 of them together in their matching dresses.  If they are sitting and up high they really can't go anywhere and are forced to sit still for a couple minutes.
 Everyone opened the final round of gifts and got lots of really nice things.
 Hand knit sweaters from Mimi.  Looks like Lucy wants one too.  Mimi may have to make some dog sweaters! haha
 Fantasia!  And the girls love it!
 A puzzle with their name on it.

 Then we all enjoyed some Key Lime cupcakes for dessert.  Some of us REALLY enjoyed them! haha

 And after a good dessert, a bubble bath is usually called for!  It was their first time in Mimi's really big tub.

At bedtime, after we got home, the girls were so tired that neither of them cared that their pacis were missing.  They fell right to sleep absolutely exhausted after 2 days of absolute fun!

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