Tuesday, March 23, 2010


The playroom is getting full use these days from both the girls. Sometimes alone and sometimes together. I'll leave them both in there for a few minutes while I cook dinner, but it's much harder to leave a 9 month old alone this time around when big sister has small toys, crayons, paper, etc for the little one to put in her mouth. One of my projects for the near future is to go through the toys and put up the ones that aren't safe for a baby to play with and only let Magnolia play with them when she asks and then maybe only at the kitchen table. Any suggestions?


  1. As fast as Boothe can get around, you have to be quick to get things out of her reach. I love seeing them play together:)

  2. I know what you mean! Imagine with a big boy and all his paraphernalia. We just keep stuff in his room and try to keep it off limits. Now its getting much easier. Maybe put them somewhere that Magnolia's knows about and try giving them to her when Boothe is alseep or elsewhere and making it kind of a special time thing.