Monday, March 15, 2010


So apparently "that boy at that dance" (Magnolia's words) did some kind of summersault/gymnastics move and since Magnolia hs been rolling all over the place! Maybe this fall, it will be time to get her into either dance, gymnastics or possibly karate. Something action-based.

So let's take a vote.

Based on her her dancing skills, tumbling skills and "high-kick" skills, what kind of class would she like the best?

You are determining her future here so vote wisely!! :)


  1. Byron and I say dance, but she will do well with anything you put her in.

  2. Why not all three!? Then she can be an overachiever just like her ma and pop!! I kid :) Seriously though, I think dance would be a great idea. I think she will be a natural and the discipline will be great for her!

  3. We are starting Shelb in dance this fall. Here the classes tend to be like a school year. We may do something in the summer if there is anything. What are your thoughts on cutting bangs??

  4. I'd say go with dance or karate.

  5. I think she'll be a natural at dance and will be hilarious in karate. Let's do both!