Saturday, March 27, 2010

Boothe is 9 months

Why does the second child's infancy and perhaps entire childhood go by so much faster than the first? I feel like I turned around and 9 months is gone. Boothe was a difficult baby and at the beginning of winter I remember thinking, 'I just need to get through this winter and then things will get easier.' Well we got through the winter and Boothe has outgrown her colic, but now I'm wanting our life to slow down for a while. Things are pretty good right now.

Boothe has developed the sweetest little personality. She is a babbler who loves to explore and put EVERYTHING into her mouth. You can almost always make her laugh in the middle of a crying spell, which is good for me since it takes away some of the frustration she causes me when it comes to her sleeping! She loves trying to keep up with Magnolia and chase her and laughs when Magnolia crawls like she does. But her absolute favorite is jumping...she is always bouncy around and wanting to jump in your lap.

I am so blessed that she is mine to care for and love. And may the next 9 months go by much slower than the first!! In 9 months I'll begin potty training so let's REALLY hope that doesn't come too quick!

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  1. You are so right Jenica, Time does not stand still. It seems like I just turned around and you,Brooke and Tyler were grown. I feel so blessed to have Magnolia and Boothe in our lives.