Saturday, March 13, 2010


Magnolia has gotten so used to me stopping Boothe from putting inappropriate things into her mouth that whenever I yell out "Boothe", Magnolia instantly asks "What's Boothie chewing on?"

The other day, Boothe was crawling around and ventured behind the chair in the living room and found herself a dust bunny that was about to go into her mouth. Good thing I was right there to stop her! I yelled out to startle Boothe and get her attention off of the dust bunny and of course Magnolia asks, what Boothie has, and I say "oh just a dust bunny". Magnolia then walks over and asks "where's the rabbit?"

**Side note: we don't have any carpet in our living room so dust bunnies do tend to gather under the furniture no matter how often you sweep the floors....not that I often sweep the floors.

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  1. that is sooo funny!! I can see her asking about the rabbit:)