Thursday, August 15, 2013

Raife is 2

Raife's birthday party this year was at Clay Township Park.  The kids could play until they were blue in the face while the adults visited in the picnic shelter next to the playground where we had dinner, cupcakes, and presents.  The party was on July 28th at 4pm.  Now if you were planning an outdoor party at the end of July at the hottest time of the day, what would be your biggest worry?  Mine would be that it would be too hot, the cupcakes would be melting, and everyone would be wishing they were inside with the A/C on.  But if you notice in the pictures, everyone is wearing sweatshirts and jackets.  It was an oddly chilly day with temps only in the mid 60s!  For the end of July, I would say it was freezing!  But in the end we all had fun and there were no melted cupcakes.

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