Friday, August 9, 2013

Blueberry Hill

We once again visited the Blueberry Ranch to pick their amazing berries this year.  I love picking blueberries and taking the kids out with us.  It's a yearly tradition and each year we pick or buy pre-picked enough blueberries for the year.  We freeze a lot to use in oatmeal, baking, pancakes, ice cream, smoothies, etc later.  And we eat pounds and pounds of them during the month long season.

When walking out in the blueberry bushes to pick we ran into Brooke and Ryan there picking and got to use a couple of bushes near them.  The kids were super excited about this. What an unexpected treat!

This year Magnolia was a great helper picking and actually not eating everything she picked.  Boothe ate pretty much all she picked off the tree and Henry ate and ate and ate until he was full and then took off running in every direction. So we knew when it was time to throw in the towel and buy the remainder of what we wanted pre-picked.  We picked a full 22 pounds and bought another 20 pounds frozen this year.

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