Sunday, August 18, 2013

Behind the Scenes

Condo living for the past 2 months hasn't been too bad.  We have been keeping busy and summer has seriously flown by.  It always does though.

Here are some Instagram pictures that I have posted this summer of our day to day adventures.

When we are home for a morning or afternoon, we have built a few forts and the kids will lay in them and play.
Henry discovered the corner kitchen cabinet not long after we moved in and figured out he could easily fit inside.
I think this is what remains of a fudge pop.
Henry is completely smitten with tools, preferring the actual ones, not the toys.  Probably because they actually work.  He worked on this chair for at least a half hour that day and managed to actually remove a screw.  The naked butt just adds to the cuteness of him working so intently with Dans tools.
Not having a yard of our own, we have to get creative.  One hot afternoon, the sprinklers were going in the yard across from the playground on Notre Dame's campus, so instead of the playground, we ran through the huge sprinklers!  It was so fun.
One thing not everyone can say they did this summer is have a snowball fight.  Walking home one evening from the playground, I noticed a huge pile of snow outside the ND hockey arena. So in the middle of July, outside, we had a snowball fight.  Has to be one of the most unusual things I've ever done and I bet we will never that night!

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