Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Ohio Trip

It had been a couple of years since we had visited our family in Ohio and my cousin, Steve, was planning on coming in from LA for a couple weeks, so we decided it would be the perfect time to drive over for a long weekend.  Kathy, the kids, and I rode in one car while my mom, Brooke, and her kids were in another.  It took about 5 hours with stops.  We arrived at Julie's house late Thursday evening, spent 2 days visiting, and drove home after an early lunch on Sunday.  Dan was actually in another part of Ohio that same weekend for work so it was nice to get away and not have the kids all to myself for the weekend.

We all had a fun time seeing everyone and catching up.  Magnolia became a huge fan of Foosball.  Boothe enjoyed helping Brooke take care of Palmer.  And Henry tried to wrestle with Raife.  Maybe we will visit again next summer.  For now we will look forward to seeing the Ohio crew in Indiana this winter!

Thanks, Julie, for having us, chaos and all!  I remember when we used to visit years ago and it was you who had the 3 little ones running around...

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  1. A wonderful time was had by all! Memories are priceless !