Friday, January 18, 2013

Snow Days

We've had only 1 good snow this winter that lasted a few days and luckily we had some sunshine along with it so we were able to get outside and play. Even Henry joined in the fun and absolutely loved it. He is such an outdoorsman. One afternoon we played in the backyard and then a couple days later we got a little more snow and took the kids sledding at a nearby park. Dan took about 2 weeks off work around the holidays and we all enjoyed having him home with us.

Magnolia was having so much fun sledding. She kept going again and again. Boothe was a little scared coming down the hill but not enough to stop her. What did stop her was getting so tired climbing back up the hill. Henry would start laughing when he got going fast. We have a infant sled with a seat buckle and a rope to pull the sled with so Dan was busy pulling Henry down the hill that way. The hill wasn't very steep so it was easy enough to jog down. Maybe we will get another nice snowfall this winter still and we can go out again to sled. I beginning to wonder why these kids have snowsuits to only use a couple times a year!

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