Thursday, January 24, 2013


In the past couple months Henry has gone from being a baby watching from the sidelines to being one of the kids and in on the action. He is everywhere and the only breaks I get are when he is strapped into his highchair or carseat. Phew...boys are busy and strong and fast and dangerous and tough and heavy and exhausting!

Magnolia got Shrinky Dinks for Christmas and we have been coloring and shrinking those things. We do lots of "craft" projects at home. It's something fun that the girls can do together. Our only problem is the aforementioned boy who enjoys tearing up everything!

It's rare to get a good picture of these 3 rascals together. It's a lot lot lot of energy on my part so I don't even attempt it as often as I should. Usually I just throw them together step back and hope for something mediocre.


  1. I love the pics of the 3 of them! So cute :)

  2. Those are the cutes pictures of the 3 together! sooo love love them