Thursday, January 10, 2013

Christmas Morning 2012

I love Christmas morning. All the weeks and weeks of planning and now it's finally time to enjoy all the preparation. It's so much fun watching the kids turn the corner and walk into the living room to see the gifts that Santa left. This year was total excitement, jumping up and down and shouts of 'its just what I wanted!' I video taped their reaction so we didn't get any pictures but pictures wouldn't have done it justice anyways.

Santa brought the girls sleeping bags and Henry a wooden ball track as well as some goodies in their stockings. We let Santa bring the more "exciting" gift and we stick to a 3 gift or pajamas, a new book, and a toy. Dan and I tend to get each other useful things that we are needing at the moment, but its still fun to open something Christmas morning.

We spent the morning eating French toast and playing with the new things. Magnolia had fun watching her new shrinks dinks do their thing in the oven and Boothe got busy putting makeup on and fixing up her new styling doll head. Then around lunch time we headed over to Dan's parents' house for the last of our Christmas celebrations.

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  1. Memories are wonderful!! The excitement for us is more exciting, than for them!