Thursday, January 10, 2013

Cory Christmas 2012

I'm going for Most Original Titles for the Christmas posts this year. Henry keeps me on the go constantly during the day so by the time I sit down to post a bit on the blog, I'm a little brain dead. I'm still working on a new name for the blog and at this rate it will probably be...wait for it...Magnolia, Boothe, and Henry! Catchy.

So back to Christmas....

Every year the last Christmas get together for us is spending the day with Dan's side of the family. Last year Dan's brother came but since they visited this past summer they stayed in Colorado for Christmas. This years gifts from the kids' Mimi and Bop were extra special as Bop made each grandkids a small wooden keepsake box in his wood shop. Inside each box was an old silver dollar. Mimi knitted her fingers to the bone and produced a beautiful sweater for each of the kids, hats too!

We spent the afternoon and evening opening gifts, enjoying dinner and staying warm by the fire. The kids played with their new things and ended the night with a bubble bath in the Big tub. And then Christmas was once again over just like last year. Every year it seems to speed by faster and faster. Maybe the lack of snow before Christmas sucked some of the Christmasy-ness from December. We did get a few inches of snow after Christmas and took the kids sledding. I'll be back to post some pictures of our fun sledding outing.

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  1. Such a neat idea, the wooden boxes and knitted things made from their grand-parents hands! They can treasure them. I did make some cookies from my hands:)