Thursday, July 14, 2011

4H Fair

I have always wondered if the 4H fair/county fair thing was just a midwest thing or does everyone everywhere have the fair during the summer for a week every year.  I will have to look that up.  Well last week was the St. Joseph county fair and like every other summer we spent a few hours walking around, eating the usual fair foods, looking at the livestock, riding a few rides and wondering where all of these interesting people spend the rest of the year since the only time we cross paths is at the fair in the summer.  We got the usual elephant year and after taking 1 small bite and watching the rest of us eating this "ear", Boothe stopped and said she wanted an elephant ear for in her ear not in her mouth.  We went on the wrong day (any day is the wrong day that isn't $1 rides day) and the rides were so expensive we could only let the girls choose 2.  Luckily they both chose the sames ones, but Boothe kind of does everything Magnolia does these days anyways so it really isn't that surprising.  I love going to the fair, but one day a year is plenty.  Then I look forward to next year.  I hope my girls will be involved in 4H as they get older.

Magnolia thoroughly enjoying her dinner of grilled cheese from the dairy barn.
 Boothe was a fan of the strawberry milk, Magnolia not so much.
 The animal petting tent was our favorite part and we spent the most time in there holding, feeding and petting all of the animals.

 This wheel was as big as our car, maybe bigger.  We need one.

As in the previous post, here is a link to last year's trip to the Fair.

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  1. The memories are priceless for these girls! 4H is a wonderful idea, they will be great at it.