Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Blueberry Adventures

We picked blueberries last Monday and it was HOT!  The last 2 years we had cooler weather and more shade so the girls lasted much longer.  This year Boothe crabbed the whole time, but Magnolia was a big help and actually picked a fair amount of berries and put them in the bucket.  We picked a little over 28 pounds and we ate lots and lots and froze 20 quarts.  We ran out of berries to eat by the end of the week and picked about 6 more pounds on Saturday morning.  Those were gone by yesterday afternoon so it looks like we'll be picking more this week to eat and I'd like to freeze 5 more quarts.  With temperatures in the mid 90s this week, it's going to be rough picking!

Here are pictures from our first outing.

 We were cooling down the girls by pouring water on their heads and necks and Boothe decided she didn't like her shirt being wet so off it came.  If she would have had her way, the pants and underwear would have been off too.

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