Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Look Who's 2

Back on the lovely evening on Friday, July 1st, we had a family birthday party for Miss Boothe.  I can't believe she is already 2 years old.  She is so tiny, not that she is smaller than other 2 year olds, but she has so much personality...such a BIG personality...that I forget how small she is.  So here is the birthday party for the biggest little girl I know.

Magnolia is now strong enough to pick Boothe up and they both think it is the most fun thing.
 Before the party:
 Pez, it's classic and probably their favorite candy.

 Ready for the big show.
 Yummy cake!

 Very yummy cake!
 One bite wasn't nearly enough.
 She got her very own Bitty Baby.  Now her and Magnolia each have their babies when they are playing.  Magnolia likes her baby, but Boothe LOVES her baby.  What a little mommy she is.
 Giving baby her teddy bear.
 Rocking baby.
 One of the best pictures ever taken of Boothe.  I just love it!!!
 The beautiful big sister enjoying the party.  She was such a big help when it came to opening gifts, but a little to quick sometimes at opening the present and not letting Boothe have much to do! ha  I kind of felt sorry for Magnolia that she was so excited about the gifts when they weren't even for her.  I like Christmas better than birthdays since everyone gets presents then!

 I love these family pictures.  Not because we all look great by any means, but because we have a family picture from every birthday party since Magnolia turned 1.


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  2. I love the picture of Magnolia picking up Boothe:) You and Dan have the most beautiful family!! God has blessed you so much. Hard to believe Boothe is 2 years old.....

  3. What a wonderful party -- Having big sis's help was appreciated! The look on Boothe's face as Magnolia is swinging is 'priceless'!! Is the swing up yet, or does Uncle Rog need to hold it up a little longer? It was so cute watching Boothe talk to and take care of her 'New Baby'. Does the baby have a name yet? The Cory Family pic is beautiful -- You need to group in frames the birthday family pics so we can see at a glance how the girls grow and change each year! I can't believe how truly extraordinary each of our girls are & how blessed we are to have them! Love -- Gramma Kath