Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday

On Saturday we traveled down to Bloomington, IN for the wedding of a friend of ours from college.  It's nice to visit the town where we went to IU once in awhile and it's so beautiful there.  The girls made friends with other kids there and ran around the whole time having a blast.  Then of course there was the dancing before dinner was even over.  We drove there and back the same night and for some reason it was much harder driving at midnight than it was when we used to to it all the time in college!

On Sunday we prepared for our annual neighborhood Halloween party that we host after trick-or-treating, got the girls dressed up and visited with the grandparents who came over to see the girls in their costumes.  The girls were candy crazy after bringing home their bags of candy and even enjoyed suckers in the bath.  Good thing this only goes on once a year!
On Monday we spent the morning with the McClements kids while their mama went back to work part time and needed a sitter for her first day back.  They came over at 8am and we all spent a good amount of time in our jammies eating our breakfast.  Magnolia loves the new Cat in the Hat show on PBS and Boothe loves the theme song and chants "go, go, go, go" whenever it comes on.  So we turned it on at 8:30 for the kids to watch for a bit and just mentioning that I was turning on a show resulted in these 3 immediately plopping down.  I had to get a picture, it was too funny.  And Boothe of course refusing to do what everyone does stood off to the side to watch!
 Tuesday night brought Boothe's first haircut! Like her older sister, Boothe's hair was having too much fun in the back and growing into a well groomed mullet.  I wish I hadn't waited as long to trim Magnolia's off at 21 months so last night we decided to bring Boothe's hair into the 21st century.  She was excited about it and said cut while grabbing her hair and pointing at the scissors. At that point there was no turning back.  She didn't get that she had to sit with her back to me and kept turning around to face me.  I made two quick chops with a pair of hair scissors and that was that.  I think it looks really cute and not like it's been cut which I was hoping for!


  1. Love the new due on Boothe:) looks nice. Those girls are so fun to watch do things, and it makes it more special to look at the blog anytime I want:)

  2. Can't believe our baby got her first haircut!! Wished we lived closer, but Gramma Kath also enjoys peaking in on the girls on an almost daily basis -- Unbelievable how sweet and comical they are; what blessings!!!!!!