Sunday, November 21, 2010

Fun Treat

The girls and I got started on our Thanksgiving cooking early.  Our extended family gets together every year for a long Thanksgiving weekend and we snack a lot during that time.  I remembered this fun recipe and knew it would be something the girls could both help make and everyone would enjoy eating.  It's really easy and a fun one for kids make.
All you need are 3 ingredients:
  • Round Pretzels (you won't use the whole bag)
  • 2 bags of Rolos candy
  • 1 bag of plain M&M's

First cover a cookie sheet with as many pretzels as you can fit.
 Next, unwrap the Rolos and place one in the center of the pretzel unside down.
 Magnolia and Boothe played the game of unwrap one, eat one, unwrap one, eat one...Noooo....they each snuck one Rolo and nicely placed the rest in the pretzels with a promise to each receive one of the finished products.
 Once there is a Rolo in each pretzel, stick the cookie sheet in the over at 325 for 3 minutes or until the Rolos are starting to melt and very soft.
 Take the tray out and place one M&M in the center of each one and press down so the Rolo smooshes out and fills in the middle of the round pretzel.  Having been in the oven for only a few minutes, the cookie sheet wasn't too hot so I wasn't worried about Magnolia touching it.  I just told her it was hot and to be careful, but knew she would't get burnt if she bumped it.
 Place the whole cookie sheet in the fridge so the treats can firm up.  Once they are solid enough use a spatula to remove from the cookie sheet or it stuck on, twist each one off and place in a container.  Give each of the helpers one of their own, eat 2 yourself and save the rest for later.
 Be prepared for protests when more than 1 is desired.
I love when the kids can help out in the kitchen and this recipe results in virtually no mess or cleanup.  And it's easy and fun!


  1. Love these too...have to try the Rolo, I have always used Herhey Kisses.


    check out the link to see the nativity story she tied on these cute, thought u might wanna use it.

  3. These will be great memories!! You are a wonderful mama:)

  4. Yum, yum, yum!! I wish I could reach through the computer and eat one! :) Hope you guys have a great Thanksgiving!