Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween 2010

We followed the Yellow Brick Road this year and dressed the girls up as the Lion and Dorothy.  Magnolia chose to be Dorothy and we went from there.  Boothe's costume was easy to find.  It is warm and fuzzy and cuddly and like my mom said, "you just want to pet her while you are holding her."  I added in a hair bow to turn this cowardly lion into a girl lion.  I couldn't find a Dorothy costume that didn't look cheap and cheesy to me so I took it upon myself to make most of it.  We had the white tights and white shirt.  She just needed a gingham jumper, shoes and brown pig tails.  Target had the Ruby slippers for $12.  I got a yard of fabric at JoAnn's for about $3.  That was all the supplies I needed.  I made the jumper just by loosely measuring Magnolia and eyeballing it.  It didn't turn out perfectly.  I didn't expect it to, but I couldn't be happier with how it looked.  High school sewing class skills were at work.  Then came time to work on the pig tail wig.  I worked and worked and worked at it and it just wasn't happening.  The pattern called for lengths of yard to be attached to a pair of pantyhose, but the amount of yarn I had to use to cover the hose made the pigtails way too think that it was overwhelming.  It wasn't comfortable for Magnolia and I didn't like it so a couple days before Halloween I scratched that idea and did my own thing.

This would work for any type of costume wig that you need to make/wear.  It's much more whimsical that your typical wig, but isn't that was dressing up for Halloween is?  I took a simple head band and wound the yarn color tightly around it from end to end, tying a knot at each end.  Then I took a few of the cut lengths of yarn and sewed them together in the middle with a darning needle and sewing the cluster to the headband.  Then I braided, tied each with a piece of ribbon and used some yarn to loosely attach the braids to the bottom of the headband.  Here is the original pattern that I attempted to make the wig if you want to make one or try my headband wig.  The pattern will explain how to assemble the lengths of yarn. 

We took a lot of video during trick or treating and neglected to take many pictures.  But Traditions Photography had a fundraiser and I had the girl's pictures taken in their costumes so if you want to check out these really beautiful photos click here.


  1. A great 2010 Halloween!! The Lion and Dorthy were great little trick or treat-ers.....
    you did a great job on Dorthy's dress and hair!

  2. I have always wanted C to be Dorothy but Im w/ you...cheapo!!!! My Mom used to make all our costumes and I applaud anyone who does, they both looked darling.