Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Grand Rapids Zoo

We traveled up to Grand Rapids for a Saturday to check out the city and do some fun stuff with the kids. The zoo there had some different animals than what we are used to at good 'ol Potawatami and the kids loved the bird aviary that you could go into and feed the birds.  We chose a really hot day to go and by the time we were done waking through the zoo, Dan was done walking period.  I wanted to head over to the Meijer Gardens which are suppose to be gorgeous and have fun water activities for the kids but Dan instead chose to for go the gardens and save $35.  He found us a free splash pad somewhere random which was slightly less gorgeous than the Meijer Gardens (strong sarcasm). Next time I was be more insistent that we splurge and do something we can't do while in South Bend.

So here are some photos from the visit at the zoo, where the wildest animals happened to be our own.

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  1. The Meijer Gardens are pretty much my favorite place here. Go on a day that you could spend most of your time there. There's so much to see!

    Did you go up the big hill to the play areas at the zoo? That's my kids favorite part.