Sunday, July 28, 2013

Cherry Pickers

We skipped picking strawberries this year.  The season fell during the time we were moving and extra busy so we just bought our flats from the sweet Amish family who we buy our dairy, meat and produce from.  The girls enjoy going out into the orchards and gardens to pick fruit so we decided to pick some cherries.  We got 13 lbs of sweet cherries with Dan's help.  Then the kids and I went back a few days later to get tart cherries and got 9.5 lbs, just us.  I froze 4 quarts of pitted sweet cherries.  We like to eat them in our yogurt and oatmeal throughout the year so its nice to have them in hand.  We have also been eating loads of them.  I used the tart cherries for pie filling which I canned.  Here are the kids hard at work filling their buckets.  Boothe was a champion sweet cherry picker and when we went out for tart ones, Magnolia was a huge help!  Henry was pretty much counter productive both times!

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