Monday, July 22, 2013

Beach Day

The Saturday after Boothe's birthday we went up to Lake Michigan for the afternoon with some friends. First we stopped at Redamaks in New Buffalo for burgers after church and then went on the the beach for a few hours.  Turned out to be a nice day even though we have been getting an enormous amount of rain here.

Henry was right at home at the beach. Seriously, not much clothes, sun, sand to dig in and roll around in, what more could a little boy ask for.  The girls were down by the water with the dads most of the time so when they came back up to the blanket for a minute I snapped a quick picture, and then they were gone again.  Henry stuck closer by me so I was able to get a few extra good pictures of him in his element.  For a few minutes he just wandered off and went and laid down in the sand, then came back, that's it.  Own little world.

I hope we get a few more chances this summer to visit the beach.  I don't think I'm brave enough to take the 3 of them by myself so we can only go on the weekends when Dan can tag along.

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  1. Great pictures! Summer is going by fast...