Sunday, July 7, 2013

All Moved Out, All Settled In

We closed on our house on June 21st and are renting a condo for the summer.  The last couple weeks we have been settling into our new place and finding what works.  Our summer routine has been nice and we have been getting out and doing things around town almost daily.  Walks around the campus of Notre Dame almost nightly has been a highlight as well as living right around the corner from a make-your-own frozen yogurt shop.

I seem to be a month behind on my blogging as I spent June catching up on what we did in May and now it's July and I'll be writing about all we did in June.  Bear with me.  It all makes it in here eventually!

I'll begin by posting some pictures that I shared on Instagram over the past month and then over the next few weeks I'll post more about everything.

The last bath at our old house.  I was feeling sentimental as this has always been their bath since they were newborn babies.

This was Dan's Father's Day shout out.  #fatbooth.   So funny!

Swimming lessons!

Magnolia holding her baby cousin, Palmer.

Freezing and canning over 120 pounds of strawberries. And eating a bunch!

Moving out. Final evening at our old house.

Be still my soul.

Magnolia and I going out for a movie.

Boothie turning 4!

Tennis lessons!

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  1. Bittersweet!! You will have bigger and better memories to come-new house to make more memories!