Friday, June 29, 2012

Leg 1 of our Florida Trip

A couple of weeks ago we took a family trip to Florida.  We left on a Tuesday afternoon and drove down to Bowling Green, KY to stay for the night.  We had no plans on how far we would drive that day, but by Bowling Green everyone was getting tired and a stop was much needed.  We were meeting friends in Birmingham, AL on Wednesday, so we only had about a 5 hour drive Wednesday and wouldn't have to spend another long day in the car.  When we got to Birmingham we visited the zoo there for a couple of hours.  It ended up being free since we are members of our local zoo and they have reciprocity.  The girls had fun, there were lots of animals that our zoo at home doesn't have and it ended up not being too hot until we were getting ready to leave so we headed out for some ice cream, of course.

That night after 2 days of driving, an afternoon at the zoo and an hour time difference, we had 3 tired kiddos and 1 exhausted mama so we actually just went to bed instead of visiting for the evening with friends.  I think we were all asleep by 7:30, even me.  Dan still met his buddy for some dinner and had a nice time catching up with him.  Maybe next time we will have better plans and can all get together.  The next morning we hit the road once more and headed to Rosemary Beach, FL where my cousin was getting married.  More photos from that stretch of the trip soon.  Between Rosemary Beach and Birmingham we passed through Opp, AL and stopped an Benson's, a local hamburger place that has been in business since 1957.  They had the best chocolate milk shakes we had ever had!  We made sure on the way back home, we passed through Opp again and even though it was only 10 am, we all got milk shakes! YUM!

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  1. Fun! Great pics...! Road trips are exhausting arent they? PS- Love your hair...did you get a Brazilian Blowout?