Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Strawberry Pickers

Last Saturday afternoon we visited Rosey's Strawberry Patch in Michigan City.  We used to have a U-pick strawberry farm in South Bend but that closed and I don't know of any farms closer than 45 minutes from our house.  This one, although not officially, is organic and unsprayed so we went with Rosey's.  We picked for about an hour and had just over 22 pounds of berries when we were done.  The strawberries are $1/lb which is really cheap compared to how they are priced anywhere else.  The girls had fun and an hour was just about the perfect amount of time that Dan and I could stand to bend over to pick the fruit and the girls didn't get bored.

We ate several pounds that day and the next, but I had enough to freeze 25 pint sized bags for this winter.  I will buy a few more pounds from the farmer's market to eat and make into jam.  If we would have picked 30 pounds that would have been perfect.  But I don't mind buying some already picked to accompany our labor.

You can tell this farm doesn't spray their plants as most of the green you see in the photos are weeds!
 Boothe got right down to business picking berries...
 ...right out of Dan's box and putting them into her mouth.
 Magnolia had more fun running up and down the rows.

 Taking ownership over one of the 2 boxes of strawberries we picked that day.
 I wonder if they ate any straight from the vine???
 Who, me?


  1. Hilarious!! They are sooo cute. Strawberries look delicious. They are two little helpers:)