Sunday, June 19, 2011

Indianapolis Children's Museum

The first weekend in June we drove down to the children's museum in Indianapolis for the day.  It was a fun but long day and I was exhausted by the time we left.  Luckily with the girls being so young we could skip a couple of the exhibits that were geared a bit more towards older kids.  They still found plenty to do and play.

This was a blown glass exhibit.  The entire ceiling was made of layers and layers of different shapes and colors of blown glass.  Although most of the activities associated with this were older-kid oriented, Magnolia was having fun playing with the plastic replicas.  Moving them around the room to make different designs.

 Up next was the Barbie room.  Right up my alley about 20 years ago, but still really cool today.  Boothe and Magnolia had fun dressing up and coming down the Barbie runway.  I had fun looking at all of the old Barbies and accessories on display.

 Boothe put a little red sticker on her face during the car ride and it lasted there below her eye all day.

 And by far the favorite time spent at the museum was at the Dora exhibit.  I don't know what it is about Dora, but my girls love her.  I'd take Barbie over Dora anyday, but I had my fun in the Barbie room already.  It's very geared towards the preschool crowd with lots of active play.

 Boothe met a new friend.  She was hugging him and didn't even know his name.  I told her people will get the wrong idea about you...

 Out of the Dora room into the play and discover area.  Water tables, sand boxes, blocks and play gyms.

 Dan and the girls went on the carousel thats housed on the top floor of the museum.  It has a really neat history and I would share it with you if I could remember what it was.  I read about it as the rest of my family enjoyed their ride.  This carousel went really really fast.  It was pretty scary.  Or maybe I was just playing with my camera and took a picture with the shutter open for a long time.

 Very fun day!

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  1. What an adventure for the whole family!!! Go Dora!! GK