Monday, June 20, 2011

If you can't beat them, join them

It's almost the end of June and we have yet to be able to go to the pool or the beach.  We did visit the splash pad one morning with friends, but with all of the rain, we have been spending way too much time indoors.  On Saturday after Brooke's shower, it began raining...pouring.  And it was still so hot outside.  I ran and got the girl's swimsuits and told them to have at it running in the rain drops and puddles.  I originally thought it would only pour for maybe 15 minutes tops, but the rain continued for much longer and they got bored of the rain before it even stopped.  Then yesterday we discovered that we had gotten so much rain that our basement had turned into a wading pool.  Next time I'll just send the girls downstairs in their swimsuits.
 Boothe stepped off of the porch and said, "I'm getting all wet!"

 They were soaked within minutes and loving it.

 Dan joined them outside with an umbrella and the video camera for awhile.

Magnolia had VBS this morning and so Boothe and I ran some errands together during some more torrential downpours.  This time it wasn't nearly as fun in jeans and flip-flops while trying to get in and out of the car and stores.  Rain is on the forecast for the whole week.  Let's hope we get a bit of summer come July.


  1. FUN!!! Oh my goodness what fun they are having:)

  2. Wish I could have been there to splish splash with the girls!! GK