Monday, June 13, 2011

Baby Shower for Brooke

A couple weeks ago Kathy threw Brooke a baby shower in Valpo for family and friends over in that area.  She got a lot of nice things and is on her way to being ready for baby when he arrives next month.  This weekend I'm having a shower for her and invited friends from the South Bend area.  Next weekend Brooke is officially done with work, they are moving from Muncie to South Bend and hopefully will close on their house.  This could be their busiest weekend ever.  Let's hope Raife doesn't make an early appearance this weekend too! haha

We love an excuse to get (and eat) a cake from Strongbow's!
 Some of the kids from the shower.  Addy, Boothe, Avree, Josie and Magnolia.
 Brooke with the gift that the girls and I gave her.
 Opening gifts...

 Brooke and Kathy, the hostess with the mostest.
 Sorry about the balloon string in the face, Brooke, but it's worth is when both the girls are smiling so well.
 Me, Magnolia, Brooke, Boothe and Mom after the shower.
Why have I all of a sudden after more than 2 weeks without blogging decided today was the day to get caught up?  We went strawberry picking on Sunday (post to come soon) and I'm trying my best to put off putting up the 22 pounds of strawberries by doing everything else on my to-do list first!

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  1. It was a lot of fun, it is always nice to see family even if it is at a baby shower:) Raife is getting lots of nice things, Only one more shower to go... Good pictures Jenica!