Monday, September 3, 2012

Back to Dance

Dance classes have started up again and guess who got to join her big sister!  Boothe has been waiting patiently for a year and a half while Magnolia got to take dance lessons and now Boothe gets her turn too.  I can't even begin to describe how excited she was.  All day she kept asking me if it was time for dance class yet.  Finally about an hour before class I said they could go ahead and get dressed.  That gave me time to take some pictures anyways.  We arrived to the dance studios about 30 minutes early because once she was dressed, she couldn't wait to leave.

My little ballerinas!
I knitted them both some leg warmers to wear on their first class.  I finished the last one up the night before!  I used the pattern from Never Not Knitting blog.  They are knitted in the round and quick to work up.. It's like making socks without all of the shaping.

1 more picture on the way out the door.
Boothe wanted to show me her dancing and I started snapping pictures hoping I'd get something cute.

This was the last one I got. I didn't even know she had made this pose until I went back and looked through the pictures I had taken! Haha
Then it was Magnolia's turn and she definitely channeled a 1985 Jane Fonda workout video.

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  1. oh!! Such sweet angels,Even I want my daughter to be the best dancer and learn all forms of dance.It was my aim to be best dancer but now i will see my aim from my daughter's achievement.