Sunday, September 2, 2012

1st Day of Preschool

Oh my gosh, I have a preschooler.  We have entered the masses who must schedule around school.  We no longer have a schedule that remains the same year round.  This will be our reality for the next 20+ years!  Magnolia is going to preschool at ECDC at Notre Dame.  It's a great program open only to ND affiliated families.  This makes for a unique aspect as there are kids there from all over the world because their parent is getting a PhD from Notre Dame.  Lots of different languages overheard being spoken when I drop Magnolia off or pick her up.  Every foreign language to Magnolia is "Spanish or something" so whenever we hear someone speaking in another language she points that out.

Before the first day I made a list of some things I want to do with each of the kids at the beginning of the school year each year.  They were simple things that will record how much they have grown up and changed throughout each year.  First a picture on the first day of school with a sign that says the grade, date, school and teacher (below).  I would also like to take the same picture on the last day of school each year.  Next Dan and I made a list of interview questions, mostly favorite food, book, etc. but also what you want to be when you grow up, height, weight and I had her write her name at the bottom so we can see how her handwriting changes over the years.  On a different sheet of blank paper she drew a picture of our family.  I'll try to get the kids to do this every year.  I have a binder that I'll file these precious papers in every year as keepsakes.  And finally the fun tradition we started is on the last Friday night of summer we will have a family campout in the living room with movies and games and popcorn and candy.  As they get older we could always move the campout to the backyard but for now, the sleeping bags on the floor was tons of fun for the girls.  We had a fun night this year and I look forward to doing it every year.

First day of school breakfast requested.  French toast.
All ready for the big day!

We set the timer on the camera to get a family picture.  Haha.  Family pictures these days crack me up.  At least one person out of five is doing something funny.
Magnolia running ahead of us to go into the school building.  I had to yell for her to wait so I could take a picture.
And she's off...
In front of her locker.
One more family picture.

She's there on Tuesdays and Thursdays this school year.  So far she has had a wonderful time each day and tells me all about what they did and the new friends she made.  She has already brought home her first cold too that got passed to Boothe and Henry!  Great!  The one negative part of going to school.  We will boost up the Vitamin C at our house.  Any other immunity boosting advice?


  1. I love this post! And I love this family!!!

  2. Because of Buddy's immune compromised status (autosommal recessive hyper igM) we've had his specialists give us bactraban to rub right around the edge and just inside his nostrils to kill some stuff before he gets it all the way in his system.