Monday, September 17, 2012

2013 Crop Walk

Every year our family walks in the St. Joe county Crop Walk to raise money to help fight hunger worldwide.  A portion of the money raised goes internationally, some helps out throughout our nation and our state, while a percentage stays in our own community.  Our church's food bank is a recipient this year.  It's not a long or a difficult walk but the kids participate with us and we use it as an opportunity to talk about the subject of hunger.

We set a goal of raising $500 but we are just happy to raise what we can.  Our food pantry at church as well as most of the food pantrys around here buy their food at the Food Bank of Northern Indiana.  A single $1 provides as many as 7(!) meals to those in need.  Think of what a difference even a small donation makes.  Consider donating $5 (or more!) to this cause.  It's super easy to do online here:

Thank you and I hope you are having a wonderful start to fall.  I'll be posting soon with what's been going on around here as well as some fall recipes to share.  Although I always look so forward to summer, love to watch all the new blooms and blossoms in the spring, and find the winters snowfall so relaxing (when watched from inside a warm house!); I would have to say that fall is my absolute favorite time of year.

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