Saturday, December 10, 2011

Church Advent Festival 2011

Every year we have an Advent Festival at our church to sing carols, decorate and eat a pizza dinner together.  We always organize lots of crafty Christmas ornaments for the kids to do.  Like last year the girls made some cute and easy decorations for our tree.

While singing carols they froze up and didn't sing any of the words to the song they requested.  Fingers went immediately into their mouths and they just kind of eyed the audience.  Magnolia is singing with the preschoolers and kindergarteners tomorrow morning at church.  Hope we don't have a repeat performance!
 The first craft we did was pipe cleaner and clear bead snowflakes.  Just twisting the middle of several silver pipe cleaners together and stringing any number of beads onto each "stem".  They really look like ice when they are finished.

 Next we made pine cone Christmas trees.  Another easy one.  Turn a pine cone over, place a small amount of clear glue on random "branches" of the pine cone and stick on a very small puff ball.  We used only red and white, but you could do any color or colors you like.
 Angel clothes pins were our next stop.  Magnolia loved drawing the face on the "head" of the clothes-pin-soon-to-be-angel and gluing on a piece of gold pipe cleaner in a circle on top.  All that was left to do was glue 2 white feathers onto the back to become wings.
 Boothe and daddy enjoying the Christmas spirit!
 The last craft we did that night were these felt candles.  Cut a small piece of yellow and orange felt and glue it to one edge of white felt about a foot long and 6 inches wide.  Then roll up the felt and glue to edge down.  The ribbon glued to the top on the outside of the felt gives the effect that the candle is actually glowing and you can use the ribbon to hang the candle from the tree.
And today, 12/10, I'm thankful for our church and the children's program that has taught my girls so much these past several weeks about the Christmas story.  Our family can relate especially well this Christmas season as we not only prepare for the birth of our Savior but for our own baby boy as well.  The waiting and the anticipation for 2 births this Christmas has taught me so much more this year.

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