Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Our son was born 2 days before Christmas this year.  He was due on the 21st but we never thought he would stay in for so long.  Both of my girls came about 2 weeks early so we had been expecting him to come any day for about 3 weeks.  What a Christmas miracle he is.

I had a doctor's appointment at 8:40 Friday morning.  Dan had been off work for the week since we had expected a much earlier delivery so the 4 of us headed to my appointment.  I knew since I was overdue that the doctor would discuss induction and I wanted Dan there to help make a decision.  And at that point I really didn't want to be having a baby on the 24th or 25th and missing Christmas with my girls.  The doctor suggested inducing on the following Tuesday the 27th.  I knew if I didn't have that baby today he was going to make his appearance exactly when I didn't want him to!  So I asked if we could do it then.  The hospital is just right across the street anyways!  I had been 3 cm the week before so I asked if I had progressed further if we could go ahead with it.  I was 5 cm with a bulging water he sent us over.  Yippee!  But also surreal as it always is when you are about to have a baby and still can't believe you are going to be having another baby.

I was hoping all the doctor had to do was break my water and contractions would begin on their own.  I was having hardly any contractions at all up to this point which was discouraging when you are 2 days overdue.  I was right about my body taking over once my water broke.  I really didn't want to use pitocin and feel very lucky that I didn't have to.  The only intervention was having my water broke.  The doctor broke it at about 10:10, contractions began about 20 minutes later, was checked again 25 minutes later and was at 7.5 cm, asked for an epidural and received that about 30 minutes later and was completely dilated by the time the epidural kicked in and I wasn't feeling the contraction.  The delivery doctor was at another hospital so we had to wait for her for 20 minutes but I think he was coming down a little on his own without me having to push so it wasn't wasted time.  Dr. Nevel arrived and 20 minutes later Henry Daniel Cory was out.  All 9 lbs 10 ozs of him!  That epidural was a great decision as he wasn't the easiest baby to push out being so big, especially his shoulders.

He was born 2 hours and 15 minutes after my water was broken.  Another fast delivery but so much more relaxing and less frantic than my delivery with Boothe.  Best delivery so far.
 These 2 girls were so excited to meet their new little brother.

 The 2 cousins, only 4.5 months apart.

 My whole family was there when they brought Henry back from the nursery where you got his assessment and bath.  They were all gathered around looking at him as soon as the nurse left.  I had to get a picture.
 Special Holiday Delivery onesie that the hospital dressed him in.  It really was special having him so close to Christmas.
 Baby Henry wanted to girls to have a special gift.  Matching cross necklaces.  Magnolia whispered to my mom or aunt or someone "I know baby brother didn't get these because I saw mommy wrapping them"! ha

 Mimi brought some cute gifts for Henry to the hospital.  A handknit sweater, handknit blanket and ND onesie.

What a wonderfully busy couple of days we have had.  So much going on from the 23rd to the 26th.  I'll get those other days of Christmas activities posted soon.  Yesterday we had to take him to the lab to have his newborn screening done since he left the hospital before he was 48 hours old.  Today we didn't have anywhere to go.  And tomorrow he has his first doctor's appointment.  Other than that these days are restful and relaxing.  Getting used to 3 kids, a family of 5 and trying to figure it all out before Dan heads back to work next Monday!


  1. What wonderful pictures!! You have the most beautiful family. Magnolia,Boothe and Henry are lucky to have you and Dan as his parents!!

  2. You look beautiful Jenica in all these pictures...precious family!