Friday, December 30, 2011


Santa visited our house this year and brought the kids a train table.  They were thrilled!  I love watching their faces as they come around the corner into the living room and see what Santa has brought.  I remember the feeling as a child so I know what they are thinking.
 Santa ate all of the reindeer cookies we made for him.  They were delicious!
 The girls dug into their stockings and found that Santa left them not only a train table but some candy, movies and card games.
 Little Henry even got some things in his stocking and Magnolia and Boothe loved showing him his gifts.

 After playing with Santa's gifts for a bit and having some breakfast it was time to dig into all of those presents under the tree.
 The girls got some books...
 and Little People toys...
 and Play-doh tools.
 The last gift they opened was their favorite but I didn't get a very good picture of that one.  I got them a cute little tea set to share.  They have been having tea parties every day and play so nicely together when they do.

I think Dad made out the best this year with his gifts.  He takes good care of us but we take extra good care of him.
 After lunch we headed over to my parent's house for our Christmas celebration with them, my sister and her family, my brother and my aunt Kathy.  We opened gifts and then had a nice dinner together.

 Before everyone went home we set the timer on my camera to get a group shot like we did last year.  We had some new and very new additions to the family.
 My sister, Brooke, her husband, Ryan, and their son, Raife (4.5 months).
 My 3 munchkins.
 The 4 grandkids.  Two boys and two girls now.
 Our family of 5.

 Mom and Dad with their grandkids.
 Mom and Dad with just the boys.
 Being silly.
 My little mommy, Boothe.  Every time Henry cries she comes over and says "It's ok, Henry.  I'm here.  Don't worry."  She melts my heart.
 Gramma Kath with my babies.
 Gramma Kath with just the boys.
 Gramma Kath with all the kids getting sillier....
 and sillier...
 and sillier!

 And finally uncle Ty with all our silly kids.  You can only ask a 4 and 2 year old to smile for so long.  After that you just have to be happy that they stayed in the picture.
We had a wonderful Christmas Day and headed home that night to get enough rest to celebrate Christmas the next day with the Corys.


  1. another great post! yhey will LOVE a train table! we got the PBK one for Campbell
    s 2nd Christmas and it has always been a fav for all 3!Ilove the girls' matching gowns too...where are they from? And the pic of you all looking at Henry and the girls kissing him is the best!!! Happy New Year! :)

  2. I love this post!!! I love our family!! I feel so blessed..... Thank you for my precious grand children. Love you

  3. Wow! Wow! Wow! What can I say??????? You have such a beautiful family!! I just love your blog! Our Christmas family was a total of 7. It was a very good Christmas. Jesse's daughter Jena came and Jeff took his vacation and he was with us for 9 days. Eddie, Jami, and Andrew came over and we ate and played games for a few days.