Saturday, December 18, 2010

Playing in the Snow

We have had snow covering the ground for a couple weeks now and have taken a couple of short trips out to the front yard to play.  We avoid the back because of too much dog poop buried beneath the snow.  Anyways, Magnolia got some new snow pants and a snow coat and was dying to be all bundled up so out we went.  Boothe wears Magnolia's old snow suit well so the kids are plenty warm in the freezing temperatures.  My only problem is gloves for little ones.  They stink.  I have yet to figure out a good solution to gloves/mittens and toddlers.  So I spend the 20-30 minutes we are outdoors worrying about their hands getting too cold.  If you have this figured out please pass the info along...

 I'm especially fond of our house in the winter time.  I just love it decorated with Christmas lights and wreaths and snow covered bushes.
 Magnolia and Mushmouth (see Fat Albert if you don't know what I'm talking about).
 I remember eating snow as a kid so I'm not too concerned that Boothe spent 75% of the time outside bent over shoveling mitten-fulls of the stuff into her mouth.

 Magnolia has discovered the wonders of the snow angel and has left her print all over the front yard.  Boothe wasn't too into it.  Her main concern was the eating of the snow.

I finished the last of the Christmas shopping today and actually went to the mall.  That was dumb and an experience I will not forget and will not repeat.  Next year my shopping will be done much earlier.  I love to have wrapped gifts under the tree and just realized as I was wrapping the last of the gifts that in 6 days we will be opening some of these and in a week it will all be over.  Presents are only pretty for such a short time...


  1. Looks like fun!! Now have them build a snowman!
    Cute snow suits:)

  2. Your house does look lovely in the winter! I was laughing so hard about the eating snow-I remember doing that as a kid and remember the taste and feel if it! Lastly, we got the kids' mittens at Outpost Sports over on Grape Road (I think that's where it is). We got a pair for Ava when she was two for her skiing adventure and they do a great job keeping hands warm and dry. We got another pair for her last year when we were in town as James now wears the smaller pair.

  3. J, the house and girls are beautiful! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. We loved your Christmas card--just gorgeous!! Also, have you all painted your door in the last few years to know what color red it is? I've been tempted lately to paint our door red and need just the right color! Yours is great. Prayers and love!

  4. Jenica- try the handwarmers that hunters use. The kind that you rub together to activate the heat.

    Magnolia- watch out for the poop.