Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Prep

We went downtown to the Christmas tree lighting ceremony, saw Santa and got our Christmas tree a couple weekends ago.  Every year we get a real one and want to cut one down ourselves at a tree farm, but with little ones, we always end up getting a pre-cut one.  This year we got ours from a little stand set up downtown for the holidays and the funds raise go to the United Way.  If we're going to spend money on a tree anyways, we may as well support a charity.
 We went with a Frasier Fir this year.  We've had a Douglas Fir and a White Pine in Christmases past and feel that we have found the BEST type of Christmas tree with the Fraiser Fir.  It's the perfect amount of stiffness and softness.  The branches support the ornaments well and aren't prickly.
 We spent the evening decorating the tree, watching Elf and drinking hot chocolate.  Perfect.
  I love having a Christmas tree up.  A darkened room with only the lights on the tree lit.  I like a traditional tree with red tinsel-like garland and candy canes.  I wanted to string popcorn to add to the tree, but decided to wait until next year with Magnolia will be a little older to help with the project.
And for all you "It's a Wonderful Life" lovers like myself, Ms. Katherine Grimes also known as "Zuzu".  Yes, Zuzu visited the South Bend Chocolate Company and we couldn't turn down an opportunity to meet her.  Maybe in the future the girls will think this was really cool.  Check out http://www.zuzu.net/ to learn more about what Zuzu is up to these days.
So the Holiday Baking Extravaganza has begun.  I love it!  So far we have made a tray of fudge, a tray of peppermint bark, no-bake oatmeal cookies, Corn Flake wreaths and Oatmeal Scotchie Gift-Jars.  I was planning on making some chocolate chip cookies (the same recipe that I posted a couple days ago), but ran out of brown sugar.  The girls and I are headed to a cookie exchange playgroup in the morning.


  1. We just watched It's a Wonderful Life as a family! Can't wait to show the girls this picture.

    Your tree is perfection!

  2. Beautiful tree!! Great tradition with getting the Christmas tree. It is a Wonderful Life!! (Rhea said just ask Zuzu)