Monday, September 2, 2013

Peach Picking

August and peach picking go hand-in-hand so we headed up to our favorite picking orchard, Tree Mendus Fruit and brought home 93 lbs of peaches.  That is 50 lbs more than we picked last year.  Over the past year we gobbled up those 43 lbs we canned and wished we had more so this year we were on a mission to fill our pantry with quarts and quarts of the golden fruit.

Peach picking seemed to be the perfect fit for our family.  All 5, yes I said 5, of us added peaches to the buckets.  Even the little man contributed somehow, and added to our bounty.  Even the weather was wonderful that day.  I'll tell you, we have lucked out with amazing fruit harvesting weather this summer.  Swimming pool weather, not so much, but low 70s with a breeze fruit picking weather, yes.

After bringing home our 93 lbs of peaches, we got to work canning them with my mom.  While the boys were busy causing trouble, actually my dad was probably asleep in front of the TV, but Henry was definitely causing trouble, the girls, my mom, and I were busy at work.  Boothe had the job of washing the peaches in the sink and even when we have eaten some of our canned ones recently, she has stated that they taste so good because she washed them so good.  And she means it.  My mom peeled, I pitted, and magnolia sliced up the halves. She was using a sharp knife for the first time and was incredibly proud.  She did great!

And now about 50 quarts later, we are hoping we have enough for the year.

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